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Our audiology and hearing care services will improve your overall hearing health.

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Hearing Tests

If you have hearing problems, our Hearing Healthcare Professionals will start with a diagnostic hearing test to rule out medical causes.

If our Hearing Healthcare Professionals don’t find a medical reason for your hearing problem, the diagnostic test tells us how impaired your hearing is, how much a hearing aid can help and what might be the best hearing aid for you. It also establishes a baseline as we track your hearing over time. If there is a medical cause, we will refer you to a physician for treatment.

If our diagnostic test shows a hearing deficit which is not medically treatable and which would benefit from amplification, we do a hearing aid evaluation at no charge. We recommend treatment and demonstrate hearing devices we think will work best for you.

We offer a complimentary consultation that includes a free screening and a discussion about hearing aids and our services. Please keep in mind that you should never purchase hearing aids based on a screening alone.

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